J.j. Redick Contract

As an NBA fan, the news of J.J. Redick`s contract extension with the Philadelphia 76ers was met with excitement and curiosity. The veteran shooting guard had become a key contributor for the team, but at age 33, the question was how much longer could he keep up his high-level play?

Redick had signed a one-year, $23 million deal with the 76ers in the summer of 2017, a move that raised eyebrows due to the steep price tag for a player nearing the end of his career. However, Redick proved his worth on the court, averaging 17.1 points per game and shooting 42 percent from three-point range, both career highs.

With his contract set to expire at the end of the 2017-2018 season, the 76ers faced a tough decision. Did they want to commit more money and years to a player in his mid-30s? Or did they want to let him walk and look for a younger, cheaper replacement?

Ultimately, the 76ers chose to keep Redick in the fold, signing him to a one-year deal worth $12.25 million. While it was a significant pay cut from his previous contract, it was still a sizable salary for a player of Redick`s age and experience.

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